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  • This mortal world is the creator's workshop
    One who is successful here
    Is successful there
    One who is not successful here
    Is not successful there.
  • On elephants you strut;
    On horses you traverse;
    In saffron and musk you deck;
    O brothers, ignorant you remain of the Truth.
    Overlooking to sow the seed of virtue,
    Ride you do on the elephant of ego and pride,
    Straight into the square of the fate.
    Not realising the Lord, alas! You are doomed.
  • Like the treasure buried beneath the ground;
    Like the sweet taste within the fruit;
    Like the fire latent in the wood;
    Like the oil embedded in the sesame seed;
    God exists within the self, hidden behind the Super mind.

    - Jaganmatha Akka Mahadevi

  • Let me be a little parrot
    On the mountain of mankind.
    And teach me to chant "God, God"
    Enclose me in the cage of devotion, O Lord Lingadeva.
  • Clay is primary to a potter;
    Gold is primary to a jeweller;
    Guru is primary to tread in the devine path;
    Fellowship of sharanas is primary in realizing Lord Lingadeva
  • Land is the same that supports Shiva's temple
    and a untouchable's colony;
    Water is the same for holy offering and bathing ;
    Clans are the same for those who have realized their own Self;
    Final result is the same for all six philosophical systems ;
    There is but one stance for those who know you, O God ! Lingadeva
  • Devoid of compassion, can it be a religion ?
    Compassion is indeed essential towards all creatures
    Compassion is in fact the source of the religion
    My Lord Lingadeva, will not accept any divergence from this !
  • O Lord ! Endure we will the flames of a hearth
    How pray we bear the reging blaze of burning Earth ?
    When the surrounding bank imbibes water,
    When the protecting fence grazes crops,
    When the lady of the house pilfers from her own home,
    When mother's milk turns to poison,
    Whom do I complain to O Lord Lingadeva, pray whom ?
  • Do not steal, slay, or lie.
    Do not be angry and do not despise others
    Do not glorify thyself or insult others
    This is the the internal cleansing
    This itself is the means to please the Lord Lingadeva.
  • Devoid of filth (of blood and tissue) there is no
    existence for the embryo!
    Fluids and particals function the same in all.
    Desire, temptation, anger, pleasure, and sensuality
    are passions common to all.
    What is the bebefit of all the reading and listening ?
    What is the basis for the superiority by birth, when:
    Same seven elements form all embryos
    The womb emanates all births
    Atman endows all life forms.
    So, of what necessaity is the caste?
    By treating the iron, one is called a blacksmith.
    By clenaing the cloth, one is called a laundryman
    By laying the warp, one is known as a weaver.
    By reciting the Vedas one is known as a Brahmin.
    Who in the world is born out of ears?
    These being the facts, O Lord Lingadeva !
    The only superior one is the one who has
    experienced the divine!
  • Mind is verily the serpent, body the snake-carrying basket.
    Relationship with the serpent is an all-consuming affair.
    When would it kill, I wonder !
    When would it swallow, I wonder !
    Act of worshipping you day after day
    Is the magical trick of snake charmer, O Lord Lingadeva !
  • Affluent build Shiva's temple
    What can I do, a poor man ?
    My legs are the pillars; body the shrine;
    Listen, O Lord Lingadeva !
    Material structures (temples) are perishable
    But, the enlightened soul is imperishable !
  • Elephant is mammoth: can goad be deemed
    inconsequential ? Indeed not !
    Stone hill is massive: can chisel be deemed
    insignificant? Certainly not !
    Pitch darkness is unfathomable: can lamp be deemed
    irrelevant? Indeed not!
    Ignorance runs deep: can mind meditating one you be deemed
    never, O Lord Lingadeva, never!
  • One who kills is Pariah
    One who eats filth is indeed an inferior person
    What has birth got to do wuth this ? What indeed ?
    Our Lord Lingadeva's Sharanas indeed belong to
    a superior class
    For they wish for the welfare of all living beings !